How to Do a Detailed Analysis of your Social Media Competitors?

How to Do a Detailed Analysis of your Social Media Competitors? One of the areas that many businesses are struggling with in online marketing comes up with a detailed analysis on social media. Everything from making a social profile to a social content strategy may be a daunting task. As marketers, we now live in Read more

How to become a graphic designer?

How to Become a Graphic Designer? Contrary to what most people believe when they think about the designing and creative industry, a true graphic designer does not only work on the website’s design elements. Graphic designer is an individual who produces the product logos and designs for several different organizations and companies. Oftentimes, the task requirements Read more

Should I use rotating image slider on my website?

I’m certain you’ve run over handful, if not several hundred image sliders on websites across the web, sort of – these things have become standard on most of the websites. You may even like them but be aware that they in fact are lowering your conversion rate instead of increasing it! So in the event Read more

Disabled Facebook Ads account – How to fix this?

IMPORTANT: Despite all the messages we are getting, we have to say we are not connected with FaceBook in any way and have no effect on the status of your Ad accounts. For all info and help get in touch directly with the FaceBook support team.   In the last few weeks Facebook security team Read more