Great minds think alike

Have a cutting edge business idea, but don’t know from where to start?


NWD gives complete turnkey answers for those hoping to transform business thoughts into reality. Our group of solidified creative veterans can control you through the turns and twists of the whole process, disentangling a frequently convoluted and complex procedure.


We develop website solutions while using all the latest trends and we stay on the cutting edge of innovation and future technologies.

We work with startups, small busineses, brands, and professionals and individuals.

We provide website development services, while we we focus on WordPress CMS. We also provide website maintenance, PHP and consulting and auditing services.

Whether we develop your website on WordPress CMS, your website design is not constrained by the particular platform and is built in such a way to it adapt on all screen sizes and all devices.


A practical, responsive website is a must have today for all kind of businesses. Imagine a website that works flawlessly on any device on one side, and on the other side-it’s backend is so easy to understand and to manage it. We want you to focus on your business without any additional time taken from your busy schedule or additional cost to do updates of your website

We create compelling design and focus on presenting your needs and ideas to your niche with trendy and modern design techniques.


Need a memorable logo, business card, tell us your vision and we can make it happen! Our services cover the whole range of design from print to web to mobile.

We can provide you with a creative graphic design services in a professional manner while paying attention to details so we can make your idea come to life.

We will help you to establish a trustworthy connection with your customers, in this crowded market.

Most, important, in this whole process we wont forget that everything needs to be fun and not stressful for you!


All brands have a voice of its one, a message that they want to pass on. We listen to that message and study it.

We provided solutions for numerous startups and well established companies, just listening what they want to say and transform that message to the right media which can reach their customers.

Your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and who you do it FOR. It’s considered your promise to the customers. We are big enough to deliver and creative enough to fulfill clients expectations.


Every social media journey starts with a good road map. Do you have your own?

Our social management experts will help you to reach thousands of potential new clients.

We closely work with clients, on advising them on how to achieve the best ROI through the usage of social media. We plan, implement and monitor all advertising campaigns to gain best possible results.


Our digital strategies push your brand to its limits that you didn’t even knew existed. We will open the way to your desired results with our carefully created, good SEO crafted content, and we guarantee that with time we will reach goals we set to ourselves.

Already have a project on your mind?

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We take each client and his project very seriously. To make sure your new and innovative project idea doesn’t “leak” we offer you to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before discussing about your idea.