How to become a web designer

Generally, web development is working on the website’s technical aspects. A web designer is the person that is in charge of the visual layout and design of the site, taking that vision and design from a static design into a completely working site, which is online and available to the world. It is important to Read more

Amazing Web Development Communities That Every Web Developer Should Know

Whether you’re an advanced developer or you’re just learning that a “string” isn’t just a piece of thread, there’s one word that doesn’t always come to mind when you’re thinking about software engineering: community. Web development communities, though, are the backbone of programming. They’re places where developers can learn new methods, get some advice on Read more

when to let go of a difficult client

When You Know It’s Time to Let Go Of a Difficult Client

Let’s face it, there are really difficult clients who jeopardize your daily living. If a client is just giving you unnecessary headache, then better let them go. Here are some signs that will tell you the right time to let go off a difficult client. Unprofessional Numerous clients tend to be very friendly. Being friendly Read more

How to Transition From Full-time Employee to Freelancer?

So you have been toying around the idea of giving up your current job and become a full-time freelancer. But when would you know it’s the right time to make the leap? Are you prepared to do the leap? Well, you just need to look a little closer on the following pointers in order to Read more