IMPORTANT: Despite all the messages we are getting, we have to say we are not connected with FaceBook in any way and have no effect on the status of your Ad accounts. For all info and help get in touch directly with the FaceBook support team.


facebook-ads-disabled-online-marketingIn the last few weeks Facebook security team is massively suspending their advertisers ad accounts due the bigger number of fraudulent advertisers. Are you impacted by this? Learn how to fix one of the most used online marketing platform from the information in this article.





You got this or similar message from Facebook:

Your account has been disabled. Your ads have been stopped and should not be run again. We disable an account if too many of its ads violate our Terms of Use. We cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines if you have further questions.


Your ad account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. for security reasons, any ads you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information. contact Facebook.

First step to get your ad account back is to send Facebook team an appeal to re-enable your ads account through the form that can be found on this link

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But why did my ads account got suspended?

These are some of the most common reasons of suspension of the Facebook ad account:

  • You created a new Facebook account and started advertising with it right away
  • You created an ad campaign for an affiliate marketing program or third party advertising scheme
  • You are promoting a website that has redirect/forwarding loop
  • Using a Facebook ads coupon that you purchased from some other website
  • You created a campaign for dating, relationship, or some similar website

If you noticed something from the list that you did, most probably this is why ads account is suspended.

Even if you send an appeal to Facebook but you did something from the list above you will probably get denied with this or similar message:

Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled due to suspected fraudulent activity. We will not reactivate your payments account. This decision is final.
Thanks for your understanding,


Matt, (or some other name)

Facebook Risk Management.

So, what should I do?

  • Create a new Facebook account or acquire an already active one that wasn’t used for online marketing activities.
  • You should not do anything from the list above in connection to this Facebook advertisements record including making promotions for anything you attempted to when your record got suspended. Facebook bans pages and sites on records that get suspended. In the event that you attempt to make another record and attempt to advertise the same thing, most likely that you will get suspended.
  • Be extremely cautious when creating a new Facebook account if you plan to use it in long term.

How should I create a new account to function with Facebook ads account after the previous one was disabled?

  1. If creating a new account verify the charging data for that new record matches what you are going to use. At an absolute minimum, the charging postal district you give Facebook later on ought to match that on your credit card. In a perfect world, your name and birthday info will match too. In the event that you are utilizing another person’s record, you can get them an additional credit card on the record you need to use with Facebook advertisements. This should to be another credit account totally different from any you endeavored to use before.
  1. In the event that you ever created another Facebook account previously, use that one. Facebook likes more seasoned accounts and considerable measure and gives them a LOT more slack when it comes to being disabled. In the event that you don’t have another account, you can ask your family or companions if they have a account you can utilize. You may be astounded to discover they have an additional one. You additionally can purchase one from an outsider which is dangerous, but however may work in the event that you have no companions, family, and you have effectively neglected to make another account effectively.
  1. When you have built up a typical example of utilization for your account, then you can endeavor to make a Facebook promotion. You ought to make certain to utilize a credit card for charging that is not quite the same as what you utilized last time and make a point to advance an extremely safe thing for your first notice. A page about animals or a companion’s page that is now effectively running advertisements is a smart thought. Facebook will endure you attempting to advance a few things after you set up an example of fruitful promoting without debilitating your account. Begin safe and move along the route again into having an effective advertisements account.
  1. After you have created a new account, you ought to use it WITHOUT MAKING ANY ADS for at least one week, just the way an ordinary client would. On the off chance that you truly need to be erring on the side of caution, I prescribe no less than one month. I have utilized each profile before making promotions with it for no less than couple of months. This implies signing on from the same area, posting substance, including no less than 50 friends, taking a gander at other individuals’ pages, and liking a couple of Facebook pages. Facebook knows precisely how the vast majority go about attempting to make or utilization another account for advertisements. You have to resemble an ordinary client to their calculations in the event that you need to make another account.
  1. With your new account now living up to expectations, be watchful about what you make promotions for. Never again do anything on the list I shared above and you ought to be good!

It’s always good to read Facebook’s ad guidelines and advertising policies to be safe that you are on the right path.

If after all your new Facebook ads account are being disabled over and over, you should consider using another online marketing platform like Google AdWords which can be a great alternative.


IMPORTANT: Despite all the messages we are getting, we have to say we are not connected with FaceBook in any way and have no effect on the status of your Ad accounts. For all info and help get in touch directly with the FaceBook support team.

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  16. Abood takruri says:

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  17. Rose rose says:

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  18. Mudasir Ahmad says:

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  22. Jay Robles Rabe says:

    My account has been disabled due to some violation of policy and I would like to appeal to restore my account. I’ve beeb using it for the long time and I am a good user of your service. Please accept my request because this is my bread and butter. Thank for kindness and consideration

  23. Sreyrath Taing says:

    Dear Facebook,
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  34. Diamond Bea says:

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  35. Jennifer says:

    My page is deactivated. How can i fix it ??

  36. Hi wondering can you help me run my ads again

  37. Sharon says:

    I was notified on Facebook that I’ve received $5 to boost a post on my page which I did. On checking on the post, I noticed that all my boosts have been disabled. Not sure where I went wrong. I need help reactivating it. When I tried filling the form also, I was not given the option to submit. So I filled it but I can’t submit

  38. Hatim Zulfiqar says:

    I am unable to boost any of my posts on my page. On click the boost unavailable button i receive following error “your acgount was recently flagged because of unusual activity.. i donotknow how to resolve this issue And how to confirm my account information.

  39. Hatim Zulfiqar says:

    I am unable to boost any of my posts on my page. On click the boost unavailable button i receive following error “your acgount was recently flagged because of unusual activity.. i donotknow how to resolve this issue And how to confirm my account information.

  40. Hi This is Soe from Myanmar.
    I need some help.
    My facebook business page account was flagged because facebook team said that for unsual activity.
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  43. Jennifer Brumm says:

    I am the admin for the pages I am trying to boost posts for. It says BOOST UNAVAILABLE. My card for payment has expired and I have followed the directions to ADD A PAYMENT. It will NOT let me and says I do not have permission to add a payment. It says my ads have been disabled. I assumed that was because I needed to update payment. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have written to the Facebook team 3 times and keep getting redirected. So, I have 2 problems.: Why are my ads disabled AND why do I NOT have permission to add a payment when I am the administrator for these pages? I a.beyond frustrated and it feels like someone else has control over MY business pages. Is there a way to contact the Facebook team and chat with someone? All I want to do is boost my posts to get more business. Thank you for anyone out there who can help.

  44. Vera luchi fashion store says:

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  46. Junior says:

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  47. Ferdous Milon says:

    why my all ads has been paused, what I have to done for restart my Adds.
    please help me out this problem.

  48. Ferdous Milon says:

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    please help me out this problem

  49. Omer says:

    You can approach us regarding payment methods for advertising.

  50. Ayorks says:

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  51. ESTHER AGU says:

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  52. Jane says:

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  53. Adina Medjedovic says:

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  55. jose pacheco says:

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  56. Why my page has been blocked? How can i fix my page?

  57. Priccess Adk says:

    My Facebook Ad account was flagged and disabled
    So am asking for help my Ad account to be active please help

  58. Tope Eric says:

    Please if I open another facebook account to advertise my disabled page can I still use the same name I used for my disabled account. Or should I use a new name for my new page?

  59. Thato Days says:

    I want to post on my page but it tells me my boost not available help me is my business page please

  60. Thato Days says:

    I want to post on my page but it tells me my BOOST NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE HELP IS MY COMPANY BUSINESS PAGE…

  61. Smith kush jr says:

    Today after I boosted my page last 3 days ago only to realize that my page has been disabled, please I don’t understand why and my page is not a knew page. And moreover there is money inside my page I’m using to boost my ads please Facebook team able my account back I can’t loose such an amount of money.

  62. vikrant pandya says:

    Hello ,
    my facebook ad account is disable. i cant run my ad. so plz. pip into this matter to solve.

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  64. abdullah says:

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