how-to-design-a-good-websiteProfessional IT service providers offer numerous services, and one of the most popular and in demand is –Web Design. Once certain business decided to advertise or promote on the internet, the current number of customers can increase three times more. Why? Simply because more people are using the internet today and there’s high possibility that they will come across you and your business.

If you want to take your business to the next level using web advertisement, you need to prepare you product inventory and services. Through this, you can accommodate all possible clients that are interested what your offer. Conversely, you also need to understand that web advertising competition becomes stiffer today since most business have gone online to increase visibility and sale. Remember that this can only be possible if you have a good website design. Since website is your business representation on the web, this has to be professional, striking, informative and user friendly. Through this, you will not just turn ordinary visitors to buyers, but you can establish trust and good seller-buyer relationship.

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What are the Characteristics of Effective Website Design?


  1. Consistency of Design: This is applicable except for the homepage since it requires slightly diverse appeal. When you’re navigating sites other pages, users must not feel that they have landed on a different site. Your homepage and other pages must have clear logo, tagline and layout.
  2. User Friendly: During website development, you also need to consider those individuals who have limited knowledge in computer skills. Your design needs to be simple, pleasant and easy to navigate. Do you know why people decide to turn their back on certain site? Because of its complex functions. Your site must not take more than “2 clicks” for customers to find the things which interest them. Once site navigation is quite complicated, expect that they will never going to visit the site again.
  3. Informative and Concise Content: This is one of the essential elements that can keep visitors engage for a long span of time. You do not mainly need to publish fresh and informative content that is 100% original and without grammatical errors, but you also need to consider highlighting some content and use striking and pleasant background color.
  4. Loading Speed: Instead of loading you website with heavy elements such as animated graphics, large videos and images, and Flash content, you also need to consider using simple but creative design. Your site must only takes few seconds to load since not all have the patience of waiting long.
  5. SEO Friendly: Your site is useless if internet users can’t find it. You need to be more visible to attract more visitors and clients. This can only be possible if your site is SEO friendly. In short, it has to rank at the top of search result using definite keywords. With this, internet users can easily find you. Employing professional SEO service provider is your best option since they are the one who have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve good and stable SEO standing.

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