Pedal to the Metal: Five Tricks to Speed up Your WordPress Website

We are living in a fast world and fast living requires a fast website. Did you know that 80% of visitors that are not satisfied with the speed of the website would never buy from that website? This fact shows you the importance of the website’s speed.

Google algorithm is organized in that way to check for the website’s speed, and if this is not satisfactory, your website will stay hidden in the dark corners of the internet.

So, it’s obvious – the speed of your website matters! That’s why we are offering you a couple of tricks that might help you to speed up your WordPress website.


Minimize HTTP requests

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP request is nothing more than the content of your website sent to the visitor’s browser. This includes images, text, and different multimedia that you have on your webpage. Of course, HTTP request takes time and you can arrange it to improve your website’s speed.

So, what can you do? A good and complex website requires a lot of elements so violent reducing of HTTP material is not the solution. However, you also shouldn’t have more than 30 files on your website. In order to speed up your WordPress website, you will need to know the exact number of HTTP files.

Eliminating all the unnecessary files is the next step. Be sure to use high-quality images that you can compress to a suitable file size. Websites such as Pingdom can help you check the speed of your website and see if you made any progress.

Good caching plugin is a must!

If you use CSS and Javascript for your website, there will be some elements that don’t change at all. That’s why we will introduce another useful term – caching. Caching is a process where these unchangeable elements load only once, which speeds up your WordPress website. This is especially convenient for your regular visitors and buyers.

There is a great number of cache plugins and some of them can improve the speed up to 10 times! W3 Total Cache is one of the first that we need to mention. This plugin can improve the overall performance of your website and also the conversion rates.

WP Super Cache is another plugin that you should have in mind. It deals with static HTML files and delivers them to almost every visitor (even to the visitors that are not logged in). WP Rocket is probably one of the fastest caching plugins but you will have to spend a couple of bucks to get it. However, it can be a wise investment.

Minify, minify, minify …

If you want to increase the speed of your website, you should know that minification of CSS, Javascript, and HTML is very important. What is minification? It is a process where all removable white space from your code gets erased. White space helps us read the content more easily but it doesn’t play any important role in browsers or Google algorithm.

There are many high-quality plugins that you can use to solve this problem. WP Minify is probably a plugin that will first come to your mind. It compresses your Javascript and CSS files and gives you the ability to manipulate particular files that you choose. Autoptimize is another great plugin that you should try out as it has over 200.000 downloads from WP repository, and with so many people using it-you cant go wrong! It chains different styles and scripts, minifies them, compresses them, and also deals with HTML files.

Database Table Optimization

A good website maintenance requires regular updates. However, updates will create a great database of files that can affect the speed of your website. At the moment, WordPress offers 11 tables and most of the websites will use a good number of them. Add saved plugin settings and you will get a great amount of data that lowers the performance of your website. Database optimization is a convenient way to remove all this unused data.

One of the basic ways to organize your database is with phpMyAdmin. This is a free software that you can use to deal with your databases, columns, indexes, etc, and you can find it in every shared hosting account. Plugins are a faster way to solve this issue. WP Optimize will allow you to clean your database quickly and without any manual interventions. After arranging your data, you can try GTmetrix to measure the speed of your WordPress website.

Image Compressing

The last but not least – images can notably slow you down. They are probably the biggest files that you have on your website so there is a great amount of plugins that can help you improve the speed of your website.

Tiny PNG and WP are the first on our list. The first plugin reduces the size of PNG files on your website. WP reduces the size but keeps the quality, which makes it an essential tool for the website maintenance. This plugin removes the unimportant data of your images and then adds them to your library.

Another term that you might find useful is lazy loading. This concept loads the images only when the visitor scrolls down your webpage. A good plugin that enables this is Lazy Load.

Bottom line

Regular maintenance of a website is essential. If you want to keep up with popular trends and achievements, you need to take some steps that will position your website on the first page of Google search. As we already mentioned, the speed of your website is one of the main factors here. Maybe these tips given above will provide you with that small boost you need to gain more visitors and customers.

Pay attention to your HTTP requests and see if you can minify CSS and Javascript files. Arrange the images and their size and find a good plugin to deal with databases. Don’t forget a proper caching plugin. When you are sure that every possible measure has been taken, check the speed of your website. If the results are in order, smile and wait for the visitors to come.

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Generally, web development is working on the website’s technical aspects. A web designer is the person that is in charge of the visual layout and design of the site, taking that vision and design from a static design into a completely working site, which is online and available to the world. It is important to emphasize that lots of web designers are also developers building websites that they design. Furthermore, occasionally, self-identified web designers are also going to offer design services. This is not a must, but is very common.

How will you know if the web design career is right for you? What qualities and skills are necessary in building a successful career as a web designer? A great starting point is to have a strong interest in computers – the web and the internet, and even if you have not learned to program yet. You will also need a strong measurement of patience, as well as have an inquisitive mind. Even though it is not important, if you have an eye for what looks good on the web, it is sure to stand you in good stead as well.


Useful learning resources

In terms of skills, a good place to begin is with learning CSS and HTML. It is the basic building blocks of pages on the web. Even though the “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG programs will make it possible for the web designers in order to bypass the necessity in learning these core skills, most of the web designers would be expected to be able to code through just a simple text editor. Another well worth mastering language is JavaScript. It is not just useful for adding functionality to the web pages, but it will also be able to be used in applications beyond the web.

Ajax will also be able to complement your CSS and HTML skills, and there are many different programming languages, from ASP to Perl, which can be effective and great additions to your web designer toolkit. To develop your understanding about web standards and about how various browsers could render pages in different ways, is another element that can help you troubleshoot sites more effectively.

Here is a list for some of the most useful websites where you can learn various programing languages:

CodeCademy (FREE)
W3 Schools (FREE)
Tuts+ (Payed, offer a 10 trial)
CSS Tricks (FREE)

There are a number online tutorials available out there this is just a tip of the iceberg and once you go into HTML and more programing languages you will find more and more resources online.

As a web designer, it is going to be useful keeping an eye on several other technologies, which rises in popularity. Multimedia content is being used increasingly on all types of sites, so to understand something the technology behind this can be useful. Furthermore, the use of tablet and mobile web computing has been exploding. There are more and more companies, which would want to make sure their website content, will show properly on these new platforms, and have a necessity in developing specialist applications for new devices.

Other than the technical knowledge, having proper soft skills will be able to make the difference, which will transform you from being just a geek to offering a valuable service. To be able to explain technical issues into a non-technical audience needs to be near the top of the list, as have listening skills in order to understand the needs of your clients, and the capability of working with others, such as other designers, developers, and account managers.

Use a proper text editor when going into programing

When starting to program make sure to use a proper text editor when you write. These are some of the most popular:

Notepad++ (Windows)
Sublime Text (Windows, OS X, and Linux)
Atom (Windows, OS X, and Linux)
Emacs (Windows, OS X, and Linux)

Whether you’re an advanced developer or you’re just learning that a “string” isn’t just a piece of thread, there’s one word that doesn’t always come to mind when you’re thinking about software engineering: community. Web development communities, though, are the backbone of programming. They’re places where developers can learn new methods, get some advice on debugging, and stay up to date with the latest trends in tech. It can be difficult to navigate the world of web development communities, since there are hundreds out there, each with their own flavor and target audience. We definitely recommend that you do some surfing of your own and see what sorts of communities might fit your particular interests. That said, we suggest you check out some of the communities below: they cover a range of topics and levels, and there are good odds that at least one will help you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Check them out!


web developers

Reddit’s Webdev

Anyone familiar with Reddit knows they have threads about pretty much every single thing in the world, so it’s not surprising that they have a thread dedicated to web development. The thread has anything you could want as a budding developer: opportunities for meetups, how-to’s for debugging, and job postings. While Webdev doesn’t have as much information as some other communities, it’s a great way to get started.


Toptal is the best place for learning about employment as a developer. Whether you’re looking to hire or get hired, it has what you need. Check out their sample interview questions: if you’re an employer, it’ll help you figure out what sorts of answers you should look for, and if you’re a developer, it’ll give you an idea of what you should be saying in an interview. The Toptal Engineering Blog is also an incredibly helpful resource. It covers everything from how to make it as a remote freelancer to the latest tech advances, and all the articles are written by Toptal engineers. Toptal has a super intense screening process that weeds out all but the top 3% of applicants to its network, so you can bet that these resources are pure gold when it comes to developing your own expertise.


Webdev Forums

While developers are extraordinarily creative with coding, they’re a bit less creative when it comes to names. Still, Webdev Forums is another great resource whether you’re a budding programmer or John McAfee. You’ll need to create an account and read their terms of service before using the forums, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll have access to a wealth of information from some of the best coding minds out there. Threads are organized by topic, which range from search engine optimization to monetizing websites. Anything you need will probably be here — you just need to do a bit of digging.



The above link directs you to an NYC meetup, but whatever city you’re in, there are good odds there’s a meetup by you. While you can generally get information you’re looking for online, sometimes it’s a good idea to get a nice stretch of the legs and interact with some people in real-good-old-fashioned life. Being able to have a dynamic discussion with like-minded developers will get your neurons firing, and is a great way to get motivated for your next project!


Dev Shed Forums

Dev Shed Forums is a lot like Webdev, except that the threads are organized by what you’re trying to program (generally language and platform). To give you an idea of the sheer size, here are some numbers: there are nearly 120,000 threads about PHP development alone. The website boasts nearly one million threads in total. That’s insane. While sometimes having so much information can be daunting, it also means that you’re pretty much guaranteed an answer when you’re looking to fix a pesky bug.


IBM developerWorks

The downside of developerWorks is that you have to pay for the full service. The upside is that it has tons of resources for advanced developers, as well as plenty of free demos. It also has articles and information on all sorts of interesting topics ranging from internet security to cloud computing.


The above communities are just a small sample of what’s waiting for you online; as we said, there are hundreds more communities out there for you to check out. It’s important that you get an idea of the range of communities available to you, so do some googling of your own to see where you fit in best. Before you get sidetracked, though, make sure to check out some of the ones we mentioned. They’re a great jumping off point for most people. Most importantly, don’t forget that just because you’re working behind a screen doesn’t mean you can’t be social and find a supportive network! Web development communities are vibrant, cheerful, and friendly networks of developers who all love what they do. There’s nothing more exciting than realizing that there are millions of people out there who are just as passionate about coding as you are. Go find them!

Let’s face it, there are really difficult clients who jeopardize your daily living. If a client is just giving you unnecessary headache, then better let them go. Here are some signs that will tell you the right time to let go off a difficult client.


Numerous clients tend to be very friendly. Being friendly is a good thing, though, this will do more harm than good once clients become too friendly that they end up talking informally or throwing up jokes. This oftentimes leads into discussing off topics and worse, may turn into gossips. Unprofessional clients are volatile. You will never know when they will ask for a free work-related favor or turn their back on you. When this case happen, then better let go of the client and save the good working relationship before it turns sour.

Violates the Contract

Violating a contract may be considered an offense but might not be serious enough to sue the other party. Nevertheless, it’s enough reason to let the client go. If a client encroaches upon the contract, then it might be an indication that the client does not respects what you agreed and cannot be trusted. Working with them might just cause you huge problems and concerns in the future.

If they are too important for you, you might still keep your client but do something about the violation. You can either insist revision of the contract or adding your own clause. This is to prevent the same case from happening again.

when to let go of a difficult client


One of the key factors that keep a working relationship strong is respect. If the client is treating or expressing below-the-belt statements, questioning your principles or ethics or doing/saying anything that you find disrespectful and offending, try talking about him about it and if that doesn’t bring you any good it’s for the best to stop working with him. It’s better to lose a client than allow them do something that can bring down your morale. It’s better to let them go rather than lose your self-respect and confidence.

Despite of their action, try to remain professional and avoid lighting up a flame war.

Highly demanding

Demanding clients are good if and only if their demand is for your improvement. They ask for something because they know you can do better. But if the demand are about making changes after you completed and met the set project specification or unreasonable deadlines, then better let those clients go.

High Maintenance

High maintenance clients pertain to clients who require a lot of guiding effort. They want you to clearly communicate even the smallest detail of the project and update them with every progress. They want you to get in touch almost every few hours.

Although you might have spare time to do so, these clients rarely worth your effort and the hassle. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself and suffer from them.

Does not pay on time

You work because you wanted to have some money. You have worked hard, have sleepless nights working on the project but at the end can’t receive the payment you deserve on time? Remember that once you completed a project on time, a client has no reason for late payment.


So you have been toying around the idea of giving up your current job and become a full-time freelancer. But when would you know it’s the right time to make the leap? Are you prepared to do the leap? Well, you just need to look a little closer on the following pointers in order to make a successful transition.

Advance preparation- To have a seamless transition, you primarily need to prepare ahead of time. Preparation may include plunging into the freelance world prior on deciding to take full-time freelancing. It’s quite difficult to build from scratch so it will be much better to have an already-built foundation.

Have a clear goal in mind, set a timeframe, and keep on moving forward- Don’t just decide on going into freelancing impulsively. Treat freelance transition as a serious business. Included in the planning stage is identifying your goals and setting timeframe. This would serve as a tone of your business. Remember that you will less likely to succeed in the freelance world if you don’t even know where you are going. I’ve heard a saying once “Goal without a deadline, becomes only a dream”, so keep that on your mind.transition-from-full-time-job-to-freelancing

Analyze the numbers- Changing job involves lots of numbers and computations. It may include your business expenses, insurance and healthcare policies, taxes, retirement plan and many more. Analyzing numbers is imperative for business success. If you aren’t good in math, better seek help from your peers or other business-affiliated authorities. Remember that without firm grasp on expenses and revenue, you will more likely to be surprised by the cost.

Consider your financial needs– Are you aware of your current financial need? Will your freelancing career provide you enough money to sustain your daily needs? Remember that the transition from full-time employee to freelancer will greatly affect your lifestyle. Once you decided to go on freelancing, everything will be different.

Diversify your source of income- This is in connection of the latter point. If you know one freelance job wouldn’t be capable of earning you a living then you must find more than one job. Calculate and identify the real amount of finances you are living on. Take note that freelancing doesn’t bring a consistent paycheck.

Assess Possible Lifestyle Changes- Perhaps one of the reason you wanted to switch into freelancing is the thought that doing so can give you freedom. Yes, maybe freedom from your annoying bosses. But many freelancer would attest that there are great amount of stresses and pressure that may not be obvious looking from the outside.transition-from-full-time-job-to-freelancer

Build a Network- It’s hard to be a freelancer, but it’s harder if you got no companion. If you wanted to live an easier freelance life, building a good network can be a great help. Surround yourself with individuals who can be your asset and help you improve your own business. These expert may include an attorney, insurance agent, tax expert, marketing developer, web developer, referral business and many more, but mainly depending on your primary line of work as a freelancer.

Transition from a full-time employee to freelancer can be exhilarating and terrifying. Nevertheless, the work and flexibility can be rewarding. You just need to be prepared before plunging into freelance landscape in order to succeed.

How to Do a Detailed Analysis of your Social Media Competitors?

One of the areas that many businesses are struggling with in online marketing comes up with a detailed analysis on social media. Everything from making a social profile to a social content strategy may be a daunting task. As marketers, we now live in the world in which social media is completely integrated in our communication plan and brand strategy. We are all using social media and have presence in many different social networking websites. It is now time to start your analysis about the kind of social communication that is effective and about what is not.

  1. Identifying your competitors – Perhaps you already have a good idea about who of your top competitors are in your space. Even though it is essential remembering, that based on the activity level, these could vary from network to network. Most of the brands have active Twitter or Facebook accounts, but many do not have account on several other networks like Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. The best way to do this is to signup for Rival IQ service, there is a 2 week free trial so you can start with that options.
  2. Identifying their voice – It is also good to take note about whom they are posting. Is it a person within the brand or the voice of the brand? While most of the large brands are posting as he brand, it could be a more personal approach posting as an individual within a brand.
  3. Knowing their follower to fan ratio – Now that you have identified your competitors, you can login to different social networks and take note of their follower to fan ration. Furthermore, do not forget to track your own metrics during the entire process for the purpose of comparison. Do they follow everyone that follows them? Or are they only following a handful of

4. Knowing how active they are on social media websites – You would want to look at the frequency of their post. It is a manual process. Look at the past month and take note how many times they are posting unique content during that time. Do not include the retweets and reply while looking at those in a proceeding step.

5. Engagement rate with the fans – In this step, you should look about how many engagement they receive at average every post. Contingent about how thorough you would want to be. You will be able to take ten posts or random, or you can look at an entire months worth of data. Note how many retweets, comments, likes, repins etc they are getting on every post and get an average for every engagement.

6. Knowing the types of content they post – By looking at the kind of content that your social media competitors post, you will be able to measure how successful the different medium are regarding to fan engagement and involvement. The types of content that you need to observe include contests, videos, polls, photos, sponsorships or endorsements, trivia, questions, hashtags, reposting other brands’ content, or if they are using a link shortener service, like Bitly or Google’s shortener After you do an analysis of what type of content you should focus on, there are several online tools that can help you with this, and some of them are Buzzsumo, Tagboard, and many others.

After you have collected all the data and compared with your own metrics, you can comprehend where you have failed, relative to the competitors, as well as the industry. Therefore, while the point of all this is to do a detailed analysis of your social media competitors; in reality, you are analyzing your own brand.

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

Contrary to what most people believe when they think about the designing and creative industry, a true graphic designer does not only work on the website’s design elements. Graphic designer is an individual who produces the product logos and designs for several different organizations and companies. Oftentimes, the task requirements of a graphic designer include the designing of the promotional products, pamphlets as well as designing of the company’s logo. In many cases, the work of graphic designer also involves CDs, books, catalogs, magazines, newspapers and many more.

Requirements of Becoming a Real Graphic Designer

There are a lot of specific qualities that a graphic designer needs to possess in order to become successful in their career. The most significant and primary quality of a good graphic designer is the combination of creative thinking and artistic skills, for them to develop a completely refreshing and outstanding designed products.

Great communication skills are also a very essential element in becoming a graphic designer. A creative designer needs to find their own prospects, pay complete attention to their needs and demands, and convert their specific ideas straightly into the creative and eye-catching concepts, which can be achieved through great communication skills.

In order to become successful in this field of career, every graphic designer also needs to be meticulous, flexible and capable of managing their time effectively, meeting the entire expected due dates right on time. Furthermore, they also needs to be computer-savvy and capable to work with the different publishing tools in desktop as this is one of the main tools needed for graphic designing.

Having a completely remarkable portfolio is also another important asset a creative graphic designer should have as this could make a difference between an inexperienced one and a very successful, well-experienced graphic designer.


Initially, a graphic designer can start building an impressive portfolio even before obtaining his/her degree in arts or from graduating in college (degree is not a requirement at all, but most graduets follow this calling after college so this is jus an example), and this is can be done by completing several simple and independent jobs online. There are numerous designers from around the world who started performing their jobs from being an online freelancer, making money from their own convenience and comfort of home. However, most of these graphic designers don’t do this for money, but in order to build a portfolio and gain fast, more experience in order to get paid much higher money after they have graduated and obtained their degree in designing. On the other hand, there are numerous successful graphic designers who prefer to work from the comfort of their home as an online freelancer due to the fact that nowadays, there are great deals of work online, available as an outsourced basis.

Here are some of the websites that can help you grow, enhance your skills and portfolio and of course some of them can help you earn some of your first income as a graphic designer:

There are many different kinds of online freelancer websites, where you as a graphic designer will be able to find design work easily and start making your own money from the convenience and comfort of home. Many people all around the globe and the small business owners now require affordable graphic designers to design their websites and design an effective and efficient business logo and this is where you can start in to become a successful graphic designer in the future.

Freelancer’s career can be really fulfilling and energizing. You get the chance to say farewell to your boss, pick your own hours, and pick the activities that satisfy you the most – in addition to you’ll presumably gain all the more, as well.

Then again, over the long haul and you secure progressively customers business, you may begin to feel like you’re binded to your work area – pretty much as you were an employee for someone else.

That is one of the primary issues of being an one-man team: you are your business. Without you, it doesn’t work. Take a free day, and your business comes to a standstill. Also, that implies no wage. This shouldn’t come as a shock, however; all things considered, we freelancers recognized what we’re giving ourselves to this kind of job when we decided to work for ourselves.

When you no more need to stress over gaining enough to put nourishment on the table, those with amazing yearnings may begin to consider growing. Numerous freelancers are confined by the way that there are just such a variety of working hours in the day – and would you truly like to be working round the clock?


It’s right now that you may feel as if the standard, one-man team of action is not for you any longer – you’ve outgrown it. To keep extending your business, you must contract somebody.

In doing as such, you change your humble outsourcing business into a completely fledged imaginative office. This permits you to get more work, in addition to it gives you the chance to market yourself in distinctive ways.

Obviously, tackling your first individual from staff – whether in an independent limit or as a full-time worker – is an overwhelming step. For a start, it results in a drop in benefits, for the fleeting in any event. In case you’re hoping to acquire gobs of cash, in any case, it’s a stage you need to take.

In today’s post, I need to speak some more about this outsourcing problem, as I examine when the time is all in all correct to hire your first employee. Whether you’re an architect, designer, SEO specialist, pretty much it’s the same for all.

Not enough time in the day to finish everything on your own

Many freelancers don’t simply finish the project and forget about it. To build up a repeating base pay, numerous freelancers will offer support services in the wake of finishing a venture. Think about a WordPress designer offering several hours for each month of site support for a settled month to month charge.


Presently, at to start with, that repeating salary is an awesome approach to break the one extreme or another cycle. Be that as it may, in the wake of building twenty-or thirty-something sites, those support hours truly begin to stack up. It may come to the heart of the matter where you haven’t got enough time staring you in the face to finish your monthly maintenance hours.

Confronted with this situation, numerous freelancers will let their continuous maintenance work drop. This, obviously, is not really perfect in the event that you need to keep up a helpful association with the majority of your previous customers.

On the off chance that you simply don’t have sufficient energy to keep supporting your existing customer base, maybe this is letting you know that you have to contract another person to cover this zone of your business.

Turning new work away

Remember, at the very beginning of freelancing how much time you spent attempting to sufficiently secure business to bring home the decent income? Sooner or later, on the other hand, things will change, and you’ll see that you have an excessive amount of work on your plate – as a matter of fact a decent issue to have. This is an amazing chance to expand your rates, yet despite everything you may need to dismiss some work because of an absence of time.

Dismissing work is likely the greatest green light that it may be an ideal opportunity to contract somebody. By hiring so as to extend your business’ ability support staff, you no more need to continue dismissing business. More limit takes into account more customers, and that implies a more advantageous primary concern.

Not an employee but a business owner

You have your own customers, your own brand, and you make a benefit; that as of now makes you an entrepreneur, correct?

All things considered, yes and no. Try not to misunderstand me; freelancing is a flawlessly legitimate plan of action – and one that I utilize myself. Be that as it may, as any small time operation will let you know, and additionally being the entrepreneur, you’re likewise the business’ just representative.

As it were, as a freelancer, you’re somewhat in limbo between entrepreneur and an employee. In the event that you began outsourcing to get away from the drudgery of your old 9-5, this is truly a discouraging acknowledgment.


Sooner or later, numerous freelancers understand that, to make the following stride, they have to accomplish a level of automatization. They need to be able to step far from their business, and for it to still capacity without them.

Obviously, the best way to accomplish this is to contract extra employees.

This gives you the chance to enjoy a reprieve from your business while as yet gathering the benefits – you can leave your newcomers to handle you’re extraordinary workload. As I would like to think, having the capacity to profit without doing all the work is the point at which you can make a reasonable qualification between being an entrepreneur and being an employee.

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Having both – Money and the workload

This one ought to be genuinely self-evident: I wouldn’t considerably consider employing my first individual until I was sure I had enough cash coming into spread my procure’s expenses. In the event that you don’t have a stable income – or your pay varies uncontrollably every month – then you confront the possibility of being left with practically zero wage yourself.

You ought to additionally apply the same rationale to your present workload. On the off chance that you focus on paying somebody for, say, 40 hours for each week, you will need to ensure you have enough work to delegate to your new employee. Neglect to do as such and your newcomer will be left twiddling his thumbs, and you will be let well enough alone for your paycheck.

Being able to provide more services

Numerous errands that freelancers do, while particular, are likewise fairly related. For instance, in the event that you act as an web developer for an entrenched customer, it’s not outside the domains of plausibility that the customer would need to employ a writer and online networking chief, as well.

Maybe you get the same requests from customers constantly – pardon me, would you have the capacity to chip away at my site for 5-6 hours for each month to ensure it’s legitimately upgraded and all the maintenance assignments are dealt with?

Instead of persistently saying “no,” maybe you could see this as an open door for you to grow the services you offer. Also, regardless of the fact that you don’t have sufficient energy or aptitudes to perform the errands in this new territory, you can simply contract another freelancer.

In doing as such, you give yourself the chance to advertise your business in a totally new light — as an extensive, all-round administration. This will speak to a great deal of customers, particularly the individuals who need to be as uninvolved as would be prudent. At the end of the day, this new showcasing ploy could offer you some assistance with securing more customers, or to charge a higher rate.

Your income is going down

Eventually, after a rapid growth of business many freelancers will encounter a level of a “dry period” in their business. After quite a long time of growing all of a sudden comes to a standstill, and nothing you do appears to take you to the following level of productivity.

At the point when confronted with a persistent level, regularly the arrangement is gazing you in the face. It’s an ideal opportunity to hite another person to drive the business forward.

Procuring a talented staff part can break a level and build your main concern from various perspectives:

  • You expand your business’ ability, giving you the chance to begin prospecting for new customers.
  • Another face can bring crisp thoughts.
  • There are diverse showcasing open doors for a “group” contrasted with an exclusive operation.
  • You can grow the services you offer.
  • You can take a markup on the work done by your staff.

The right person might be just around the corner


Once in a while procuring somebody won’t not in any case register on your radar – until you simply happen to meet somebody with the right aptitudes, state of mind, and accreditations to improve your business. This is one of the significant advantages of going to various gatherings, seminars, and similar events.

You truly never comprehend what’s around the corner, and it pays to keep a receptive outlook with the goal that you don’t let an awesome open door cruise you by.

rotating-slider-imagesI’m certain you’ve run over handful, if not several hundred image sliders on websites across the web, sort of – these things have become standard on most of the websites. You may even like them but be aware that they in fact are lowering your conversion rate instead of increasing it!

So in the event that they’re not successful, why do people tend to use them?

A few individuals believe they’re cool and look good. Be that as it may, from being cool does not bring you profit. Another reason is that distinctive offices and directors need to get their message out and believe that it’s a good idea to do that on the landing page. Well, its not!


Maybe the best proof of this is the test that Notre Dame university did and came out with the following results:

Only the first image in the slider got some action and the click through rate was around 1%, and other slides got less than 1% CTR.

Talking in consideration that the slider is something that covers 70% or more of the page this is a total bust!

Should I use a slider on my website? Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

  1. Human eye reacts to the motion which rotating slider uses

Our brain has 3 layers, the most established part is the one we impart even to reptiles. It’s for the most part worried about survival. A sudden change could be an immeasurably significant issue. Subsequently human eye responds to movement– including always moving picture sliders and merry-go rounds.

That is awesome, right?

Unless the picture slider is the main thing on your site, it’s not something to be thankful for. It implies it takes away visitor attention from everything else – the stuff that really matters. Like your worth recommendation and content on your website.

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  1. Banner blindness

I’m sure that you heard of this expression: ”Banner blindness”. When was the last time you clicked on some ad? Ask yourself will your visitors click on every banner that you serve them. OK, sure even I click on a banner from time to time as most of you but the real truth is that you have to have a big audience that goes through your website regularly to earn something noticeable from those who click from time to time on the ads and banners that are shown to them.

Let the visitor be in control of the content

If you even implement a rotating image slider on your website let the visitor decide what he sees. Add an extra slide or two at most and if the visitor wants to see them put them in a position where he can navigate between them, and give him the feel he controls the content.

So what should I do?

If you want to have a big noticeable image on the home page, I suggest that you add one image which is static and has a noticeable tagline or the message that you want to send to your visitors (special offers, new collections, etc.).

My personal opinion is that rotating slider images aren’t going away from the websites any time soon. They are still going to hang in there, eat our CPU’s as they use hungry java scripts and as they sadly became a web standard it will be very difficult to get rid of them any time soon. So use the best of them and constantly work with your visitors and try sending them the right message at least through the first image slide that pops out or even disabling the automatic transition between the slides.

IMPORTANT: Despite all the messages we are getting, we have to say we are not connected with FaceBook in any way and have no effect on the status of your Ad accounts. For all info and help get in touch directly with the FaceBook support team.


facebook-ads-disabled-online-marketingIn the last few weeks Facebook security team is massively suspending their advertisers ad accounts due the bigger number of fraudulent advertisers. Are you impacted by this? Learn how to fix one of the most used online marketing platform from the information in this article.





You got this or similar message from Facebook:

Your account has been disabled. Your ads have been stopped and should not be run again. We disable an account if too many of its ads violate our Terms of Use. We cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines if you have further questions.


Your ad account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. for security reasons, any ads you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information. contact Facebook.

First step to get your ad account back is to send Facebook team an appeal to re-enable your ads account through the form that can be found on this link

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But why did my ads account got suspended?

These are some of the most common reasons of suspension of the Facebook ad account:

  • You created a new Facebook account and started advertising with it right away
  • You created an ad campaign for an affiliate marketing program or third party advertising scheme
  • You are promoting a website that has redirect/forwarding loop
  • Using a Facebook ads coupon that you purchased from some other website
  • You created a campaign for dating, relationship, or some similar website

If you noticed something from the list that you did, most probably this is why ads account is suspended.

Even if you send an appeal to Facebook but you did something from the list above you will probably get denied with this or similar message:

Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled due to suspected fraudulent activity. We will not reactivate your payments account. This decision is final.
Thanks for your understanding,


Matt, (or some other name)

Facebook Risk Management.

So, what should I do?

  • Create a new Facebook account or acquire an already active one that wasn’t used for online marketing activities.
  • You should not do anything from the list above in connection to this Facebook advertisements record including making promotions for anything you attempted to when your record got suspended. Facebook bans pages and sites on records that get suspended. In the event that you attempt to make another record and attempt to advertise the same thing, most likely that you will get suspended.
  • Be extremely cautious when creating a new Facebook account if you plan to use it in long term.

How should I create a new account to function with Facebook ads account after the previous one was disabled?

  1. If creating a new account verify the charging data for that new record matches what you are going to use. At an absolute minimum, the charging postal district you give Facebook later on ought to match that on your credit card. In a perfect world, your name and birthday info will match too. In the event that you are utilizing another person’s record, you can get them an additional credit card on the record you need to use with Facebook advertisements. This should to be another credit account totally different from any you endeavored to use before.
  1. In the event that you ever created another Facebook account previously, use that one. Facebook likes more seasoned accounts and considerable measure and gives them a LOT more slack when it comes to being disabled. In the event that you don’t have another account, you can ask your family or companions if they have a account you can utilize. You may be astounded to discover they have an additional one. You additionally can purchase one from an outsider which is dangerous, but however may work in the event that you have no companions, family, and you have effectively neglected to make another account effectively.
  1. When you have built up a typical example of utilization for your account, then you can endeavor to make a Facebook promotion. You ought to make certain to utilize a credit card for charging that is not quite the same as what you utilized last time and make a point to advance an extremely safe thing for your first notice. A page about animals or a companion’s page that is now effectively running advertisements is a smart thought. Facebook will endure you attempting to advance a few things after you set up an example of fruitful promoting without debilitating your account. Begin safe and move along the route again into having an effective advertisements account.
  1. After you have created a new account, you ought to use it WITHOUT MAKING ANY ADS for at least one week, just the way an ordinary client would. On the off chance that you truly need to be erring on the side of caution, I prescribe no less than one month. I have utilized each profile before making promotions with it for no less than couple of months. This implies signing on from the same area, posting substance, including no less than 50 friends, taking a gander at other individuals’ pages, and liking a couple of Facebook pages. Facebook knows precisely how the vast majority go about attempting to make or utilization another account for advertisements. You have to resemble an ordinary client to their calculations in the event that you need to make another account.
  1. With your new account now living up to expectations, be watchful about what you make promotions for. Never again do anything on the list I shared above and you ought to be good!

It’s always good to read Facebook’s ad guidelines and advertising policies to be safe that you are on the right path.

If after all your new Facebook ads account are being disabled over and over, you should consider using another online marketing platform like Google AdWords which can be a great alternative.


IMPORTANT: Despite all the messages we are getting, we have to say we are not connected with FaceBook in any way and have no effect on the status of your Ad accounts. For all info and help get in touch directly with the FaceBook support team.